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PNG Studio ConsultingA Png Studio company, dedicated to improve user experience of "Wi-Fi Display" technology, including WFA Miracast, Apple AirPlay, Google Chromecast, and more.

About Us

Png Studio, Consulting (the company) provides consulting services, with unique experience and expertise specialized in the domain of Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) Miracast and High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) 2.x.

With one of the top Miracast experts in the world, the company developed (in-house, fully-owned) the Windows-based software suite “Me Check”, which is the ultimate toolkit for testing, diagnosing, and debugging Miracast products, may it be source or sink devices.

It is the intention of the company (and the founder) to help facilitating the wide adoption of WFA Miracast standard, which in turn, promotes the universal usage of live media streaming over Wi-Fi.

This vision may be realized in phases, pending successful accomplishments of the following steps:

  • Identify non-compliant Miracast products already shipping in the market.
  • Help vendors improve existing and future Miracast products.
  • Help WFA improve Miracast certificate program.
  • Look ahead into Miracast R2 program, to ensure its success upon initial launch.

The company is committed to provide the best consulting services in this highly-specialized field, to bring unparalleled value-add to every client it serves.

"Png Studio, Consulting" at a Glance

  • Established: 2015
  • Company Headquarter: Portland, OR 97229
  • Chief Consultant: Peng GE



MeCheck Software

MeCheck is developed by Png Studio, Consulting (the company), as the full feature test and debug toolkit, targeted for software engineers working on Miracast Source and Sink products.

MeCheck App GUIMeCheck App GUI Features Highlight

MeCheck may run on various Windows platforms, with different feature set and requirements.  It may work:

  • On Windows 7
    • As a Source, Sink, or “Source and Sink” device.
    • Requires Intel Wi-Fi and latest Intel PROSet installed.
  • On Windows 8.1/10, with latest Windows updates
    • As a Sink device only
    • No special requirement on Wi-Fi module.

Upon execution, MeCheck may become available to establish Miracast session with a target Miracast device.
To work with a Sink device, Win7 MeCheck Source must be used.
To work with a Source device, either Win7 or Win8.1/10 MeCheck Sink may be used.

MeCheck application can be configured, ahead of connection, to manipulate individual settings of the upcoming Miracast session, which is necessary to test and debug different aspects of the target device.
The configurable settings include:

Setting HDCP2 SourceSetting HDCP2 SourceSettings GUI for HDCP2.x feature as Source
  • Wi-Fi Direct and WPS parameters,
  • RTSP parameters, and
  • Optional features (HDCP2, UIBC, etc.).

During each Miracast Session, users may operate on selected controls at run-time, including:

  • HDCP2 re-authentication and scrambling control of either video or audio stream,
  • More to come.

All MeCheck sessions generate comprehensive log files with configurable detail level, to be reviewed at later time.  Such log files may provide insight and guidance for Miracast developers while working on their own products.